by Spit It Out

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released July 24, 2016

Written Spring/Summer 16
Recorded and mastered by Taykwuan Jackson



all rights reserved


Spit It Out New York

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Track Name: Intro/SIO
Ive been looking for a reason to live,
in a world that dont want me, this place dont want me.
give me a reason to fight and ill fight
but dont feed me your lesson in wrong and right,
ive been through it, im still going through it.
ive been looking around
i just need something,
but nothing wants me.

ive been looking for a reason to live
in a place that dont want me, this place doesnt fucking want me.
give me a reason to fight and ill fight
but dont feed me your lessons in wrong and right
ill spit it out.
Track Name: Weak Knees
Not up to your standards, im the outcast in your eyes
dont talk about your struggle when im dying to survive
its my life, so why do you care?
youve always been the liar, you where never there
so live your life and ill live mine
because every day im struggling to find some fucking time
i wasnt put on this earth to follow a sheep.
weak knees

dont wanna hear about the shit thats pourin out of your mouth
you speak too much, do you even know what youre about?
i turn my head, not concerned with those who run and hide
but this time i cant stay quiet
this time i cant swallow my pride
fuck you

im not here to walk on eggshells
not for people whos idea of "forward thinking"
restricts me and what the fuck i wanna do
you dont fucking belong here, fuck you.
Track Name: Low Life
its my life, dont tell me what to do
youre always talking shit, always got something to prove
youre no friend of mine, we dont want you around.
your words are meaningless, same shit over and over
20 years in a world that doesnt want me,
wasting time, losing my mind

im over trying to settle.
get a grip on your life or a grip on your throat.

never wanna be like you
dont wanna play the games you do
change how you feel based on who is around
i will never understand, why do you play pretend?
save the dramatics for people who care.
Track Name: Soul Case
Empty soul case, waste of life
im face to face
with a never ending fight.

dont want you to like me, dont need you to care
i chose my path
stay the fuck out of my site
you know nothing about my life.
dont need you to care, its my cross to bare.

empty soul case, waste of life.
im face to face
forced to fight.

i cant forget i cant erase
i cant escape this fucking place
i cant keep up with this lifes pace
im not apart of your rat race.
Track Name: Fear Control
i need to check myself out of this place im in
before i feel to comfortable.
nowhere is safe for me because im too blind to see
the pain before it starts to hurt.
benefit of the doubt to everything i doubt
playing nice has finally caught up to me.
i dont have much, i dont need much
just wanna breath without choking oni my own air.
i dont have much, i dont want much.

my biggest fear playing round and round inside my brain
is the thought of life staying this fucking way
this vicious cycle, im gonna over come
this vicious cycle, ive been through it a million times.

im gonna break the cycle, gotta check myself out
refuse to live with doubt.

ive tapped into a spot in my head,
where i control my life based on what i feel and what i fear
i control my life, with my biggest fears. Fear control.